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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our guiding principles

We believe that we have a responsibility to give back and therefore promote our corporate and social values to our employees, clients, and our community. We want to help develop positive societal and environmental changes and therefore take our responsibilities seriously.

Our guiding principle is that we can always do more. We aspire to be a leading employer; by promoting environmental, ethical and societal policies and practices that make meaningful changes. Further, we encourage our employees, clients and suppliers to act responsibly and follow our lead.

We believe that companies like ours can help deliver a healthy future for generations to come. 

Charitable work

We work with a number of charities and offer support where we can, whether financial or through donating time.

One of the projects we are involved in empowers Ugandans living below the poverty line, especially children and women.

Our support has helped to teach the disenfranchised how to earn an income, using a “learning-by-doing” methodology, which allows them to meet their basic needs as well as lead healthy, productive, and dignified lives.

Our CEO, Sajjad Shan, went to the Lwengo District in Uganda to see first-hand how the support from Oracle Solicitors was helping the community. Sajjad made a promise to his dying mother to provide drinking water to communities in need. This led Sajjad to build a well for a Ugandan community which otherwise had to walk three miles to obtain fresh water.

Sajjad then met Joy for Humanity and since then Oracle Solicitors have become involved in a wider project working to bring sustained changes to the lives of Ugandan people living in rural communities.


Our support helps to provide education for all primary level age. The children include orphans who can also be housed within a section of the school.

There are future plans to build a secondary school which will allow the children to continue their education. We thoroughly support Joy for Humanity to achieve this aim.


We have further supported the health programme developed to assess and treat all medical needs of children and adults in rural communities.

A new health centre is currently under construction which will include:

- separate wards for men, women, and children
- maternity/delivery wing
- lab for medical testing
- dental suite
- community health education centre

Mindset and Adult Learning

Our support has helped establish a system of farming which trains the rural communities to become pig and chicken farmers. In turn, these villagers will share their wealth and knowledge to help two neighbours and the scheme will continue each year. The plan is to get families to become self-sufficient so that they are better able to sustain themselves and begin to thrive doing so.

In turn each family will contribute a small amount of money towards a localised health system, creating a micro health system.


UNICEF and UNAIDS approximate that 47.5 million orphans live in Sub-Saharan Africa. 2.5 million of these children live in Uganda.

Oracle Solicitors directly supports the housing and the education for the Orphans within this project.

The community

Oracle Solicitors actively supports community investment initiatives, supports charities, local organisations, and sponsors a sports team.

Our relationship with the communities that we serve are very important to us. When developing the services offered by the business, we aim to focus on improvements to the community as a whole, rather than just for individual customers.

Aligned with our core values, our strategy  involves us having high levels of engagement with local charities and organisations.

We often provide work experience opportunities for university students, support mentoring schemes and give career advice to students considering the law as a profession.

We encourage our staff to get involved in charitable projects.

In the past, we have participated in fundraising and sponsorship events for charities such as:

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