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Civil Litigation and Advocacy

We are experts in civil procedure and represent individuals and businesses seeking legal recourse that is not criminal. The courts are generally needed to resolve any discrepancies and compensation is paid out for a variety of different reasons.

If you are involved in a dispute, please do not hesitate in giving our highly knowledgeable Civil Litigation solicitors a call today. If you would prefer to arrange a call-back from one of our team, please contact us today.

Why choose us?

Oracle’s team of experienced Civil Litigation solicitors in Dublin have a proven track record of success.

We tailor our approach to each of our clients’ needs as we know that a “one approach suits all” method does not work and as a result, our clients are happier. Our responsiveness and “hands-on” culture ensures that we get the best results for our clients, delivered as fast and efficiently as possible.

Should you have experienced any of these cases, do not delay in contacting our civil litigation solicitors, who offer expert legal advice and work promptly and sympathetically with you to minimise the disruption and financial cost a dispute may have on your life.

Our dispute resolution services

Our specialist civil litigation solicitors provide legal dispute resolution advice in a range of areas including:

What is alternative dispute resolution (ADR)?

Where we can we try to help our clients resolve disputes without needing to go through formal court proceedings. Therefore, saving our clients unnecessary costs.

Our dispute resolution specialists use various methods of ADR such as informal negotiations or mediation with the other side. Our advice is tailored depending on the dispute, its severity and your preferred outcome.

Should we need to litigate the claim, we have experts that provide detailed advice and representation.

Contract disputes

If you have a legal agreement with a specific party and the other side fails to uphold part or all of that agreement then our experts can help. Our contract disputes solicitors have years of experience helping people claim for breaches of contract. We help our clients defend or claim, helping them recover losses and any reputational damage.

Reputational damage

Where you have suffered reputational damage or defamation in your workplace or publicly, our dispute resolution solicitors can help protect you and help restore your reputation.

If you believe that you have been the victim of reputational damage or defamation then get in touch with our civil litigation team today.


Dispute resolution is a term coined to cover the process of settling legal disagreements.

There are various types of resolution including:

  • Court proceedings
  • Alternative disputes resolution
    • Mediation
    • Arbitration

If you need support resolving a dispute, contact our civil litigation team today.

The main difference between commercial and civil litigation is that commercial litigation involves disputes between businesses whereas civil litigation is between individuals.

Please see our corporate pages for more information.

A breach of contract is when one party does not comply with the terms of an agreement. A breach can lead to a claim either in damages or in accordance with the contract.

If you need support in regards to a breach of contract then get in touch.

Professional negligence is where a professional’s standards fail below the expected levels. This can be through a breach of contract, care, fiduciary duty or statutory duty.

If you have instructed a professional for a service then they are expected to meet certain standards and maintain their skill level. They are regulated by professional bodies that monitor the standards of service. Should the services that you have received fall below these regulatory standards then you can make a claim.

If you would like to speak to one of our professional negligence experts then get in touch.

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